Need to finish putting together this site, but have been so busy editing that I keep procrastinating.  Might be easier if I had more of a background in html or web design.  Only stuff I know about artwork is in Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Painter.  That’s not mentioning, y’know, actual drawing.

At the very least I need to put some links on my writing page and maybe stick a couple of writing samples up there.  Oh, to have multiple heads, like an artistic hydra.  But then again, I guess I’d need multiple arms, too.  And unless my eyes get better as I hydra, I guess I’ll need several pairs of glasses.

Damn it.  I’ll bet Jason and Hercules never worried about this crap.


I slapped together a bookmark for Fourfold to hand out at Shevacon and Mysticon.  Managed to crank out about 500 of them to hand out for both conventions.  Dunno if it’ll help sales any, but it sure can’t hurt right now.

I figured that as freebies go, this one would be most useful/appealing to your typical fanboy convention-goer.  Kind of ironic, using a bookmark to promote an ebook.