Haven’t updated in a while . . .

Apologies with my long hiatus.  Been rather busy doing other things.  Ten chapters into a new book The Clockwork Cavalier.  It’s a steampunk novel that emerged from a fairly simple premise/concept.  A variation on ‘a boy and his robot’ done with a clockwork automaton.  Actually had two false starts on novels.  I got several chapters into both my horror novel Hell’s Subdivision and an urban fantasy/horror called Lodestone.

Just put a bunch more paintings on the color gallery.  Should have a few more in a few days.  Here’s one:

Fire in the SnowI have another idea for a ‘Moment of Coolness’ and hopefully I can find a video clip for this one.  Every one I’ve looked up has been conspicuously missing.

2 thoughts on “Haven’t updated in a while . . .

    • Unsure about that but I’ll take your word for it.

      My main point was that Star Wars strongly influenced the visual style of every science fiction film that followed. It really broke the mold.

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