Blood Calls

BloodCallsPublishCoverWar is the art of getting large numbers of people to kill one another and feel good about it. – The Chronicles of Rukus Shadowfoot

Corbin Illimas is a young dragonrider and summoner of beasts in service to Denza. Good.

Corbin is a bastard of Skuranese lineage, long ago abandoned by his father and therefore scorned. Bad.

His best and only friend is a sarcastic, powerful, and intelligent dragon who is hated by his kind. Bad. He’s considered tainted. Really bad.

Because of his ties to House Illimas he’s appointed as an ambassador. Good!

The appointment as ambassador to Sunal, a sleepy backwater state, is mostly to get him out of his uncle’s hair. However, Corbin finds acceptance from the locals and his lonely life is looking up. But, as his typical with his luck, shortly after his arrival Sunal is invaded by a treacherous neighbor bent on conquest. Corbin struggles to fulfill his duties as an ambassador while saving his adopted country from destruction.

Who says politics is boring?

Recently re-edited and separated into three parts.

Available on Amazon for Kindle

Fourfold Part 1: An Old Acquaintance
Fourfold Part 2: The Enemy’s Nature
Fourfold Part 3: A Dark Mirror

Available on Barnes & Noble for the Nook


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