About Me

I’m a native of southwestern Virginia and still dwell nearby,
perhaps deep within the limestone caves of the region.

I grew up a geek who loved science fiction, fantasy, comic
books and role-playing games–pretty much the whole nerd
gamut.  I snagged an associate degree in Commercial Art at
Virginia Western Community College before joining the Army.

I spent four years in the U.S. Army as a SIGINT Analyst (if
you don’t know what that is, it sounds a lot sexier than it
really is.)  I spent most of my time in uniform in Germany,
during which I concluded that it wasn’t the career for me.
After which I attended the Joe Kubert School of Graphic Arts
and Animation in Dover, NJ and graduated three years later.
I had intended on seeking a job in the comic industry–until
I got exposed to enough of it to rethink my intentions.

In the intervening years I subsisted on odd jobs and
periodic freelance art work.  At some point I decided to try
to write.  Much to my joy, I discovered I loved writing.  I
really loved writing.  During my free time in the last fifteen
years I’ve written nine novels and am halfway through the
tenth.  In-between the novels I’ve written fifteen short
stories and have done a lot of fiction blogging.

After my second novel was thoroughly rejected by all the
usual companies as well as countless short story rejections,
my attention was grabbed by the exploding ebook market.  So
instead of continuing my cycle of publisher rejections, I
decided to post my  novel, Fourfold online.  Since I
didn’t have the financial wherewithal to hire a cover
artist, I dusted off my art skills and painted it myself.  I
have since published –with covers painted by me–my novels Mettle’s Forge and Blood Calls.

I have recently been published in the Neoglyphic anthology after being a winner in their national short story competition.  My story “Boneyard Prophet” is published therein.

Welcome to my site.

Charles D. Shell

You can contact me at charles@charlesdshell.com