What’s a computer geek to do? This ain’t no MMORPG!

Arthur Bible, computer programmer and routine geek, had a normal life. But when his best pal Galen’s ex-girlfriend drops in from another dimension and shatters a simple after-work dinner with bullets, fists, and bodies flying in epic Hollywood proportions . . . well, life stopped being quite so normal.

It turns out that his pal has a past undreamed of. He has the ability to ‘fold’ physical laws from one dimension to the next and has made more than a few enemies—besides his former fiancée Lian—who are looking to settle scores.

Thus begins a chase that drags Arthur, Galen and Lian through modern Manhattan and three fantastic parallel Earths: one of zeppelins, chi-powered martial arts and steam-driven robots; another with magicians, sword-wielding nobility and elemental riverboats; the third with fantastic super-science and fascist telepaths.

Worse yet, Arthur discovers that Nexus, the shadowy inter-dimensional organization seeking to kill them might actually be the lesser of two evils!

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